Experience TSUKASA

This award-winning video represents the image, atmosphere and experience that has brought us almost 25 years of success and happiness.Treat yourself and your family to the best – visit Tsukasa of Tokyo in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

We'd like to thank local talented student and customer Micheal McAfee for the production of this video.

We offer a wide-range of palate-pleasing menu items, from sushi and seafood selections to steaks, salads, and vegetable dishes. Our beverage menu boasts an inviting collection of specialty drinks, imported beer, authentic sake and Mugi Shochu, for those with cosmopolitan tastes. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Japanese food or it’s time to try something new, you’re sure to love the delicious entrees, delectable desserts, and impeccable service that have made us a Vernon Hills favorite for the past 16 years.

More Than Just a Japanese Restaurant

At Tsukasa, we take pride in providing a full experience for all of our guests. Our restaurant is reminiscent of the Benihana™ style, with spinning knives, fire, and fun! You pick the menu items and we cook them right in front of you, for a personal experience unlike anything else. We specialize in Teppan Yaki (“Hot Steel”) cooking, and can help you decide on the very best of the menu.

The sushi prices were pretty good and the ambiance just made me feel so hip and cool on a Friday night. I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone!


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The food, in my opinion, is much better than that of Ron of Japan and Behihana.